My Optifast weight loss story began at my highest weight of 243 pounds. I was at a point of my life where I was battling depression and using food and alcohol as outlets. I ate out all the time with no self-control, stuffing myself to the point of discomfort at every meal and drinking every weekend — all through the night.

I had no self-confidence and hated everything about my body. I had no energy and was tired all the time, and I had no drive to do anything about it. With the push from my mother and the recommendation of a family friend, I attended a free consultation with Anchorage’s only local clinic that offers the Optifast program (Alaska Premier Health).

My mother came with me for support. We met with my provider, who informed us of this amazing weight loss program and, by the end of my appointment, I committed myself to the full Optifast.

At first, my body had a hard time adjusting to the drastic cut in calorie intake and it felt like every ounce of energy was sucked out of me. Despite this feeling, I appreciated the convenience of the products as grab-and-go, which made incorporating them into a daily schedule so easy.

My energy level started increasing again after the first week of the program and I decided to start walking every day on my lunch break during the workweek. This small change in my physical activity started giving me more energy. By getting outdoors and enjoying the fresh air, it’s helped reduce my stress level and also jumpstart more weight loss.

As my weight continued dropping, it filled me with this overwhelming excitement and joy again. It’s given me a newfound drive and a goal that I want to fight to achieve. To keep my momentum going, I incorporated the elliptical machine three times a week, which we have stored in my parent’s garage. This has helped me gain endurance, speed, and start toning my body.

Week by week, I started looking forward to weighing in and visually seeing the payoff that all my hard work was providing — I couldn’t believe it with my own eyes.

As my energy increased, I upped the elliptical machine after work and on the weekends. I surpassed my own expectations. My provider was overjoyed with my accomplishments and, by week 11, I had achieved my 20% weight loss goal. By week 12, I had lost fifty pounds.

I became an inspiration to others around me through my weight loss story. My friends walk with me at lunch now and my sister started the elliptical machine at home also. Some co-workers are now becoming more mindful of what they eat.

Optifast was much more to me than a weight loss program. I now have the energy to do things I enjoy again. I’ve become confident with the way I look and it’s changing my health and my life.

With the continued support of my family and friends, my journey is still going. Now, at week 17, I’m down 58.5 pounds, 4 pant sizes, 3 shirt sizes, and am only 7.5 pounds away from my 30% weight loss goal.

Thank you, Optifast, for changing my life!

Written by William B.