Written by Vicki

Trying to lose weight can be very discouraging. You are hungry, tired, having headaches, and not seeing results. Then there is the lack of support from the people closest to you. Friends are offering you food you are avoiding, teasing you about eating healthy, and trying to put you in positions to tempt you. It feels like you are trying to improve yourself and everyone is trying to keep you exactly where you are.

Calling Alaska Premier Health on my part was an act of desperation. I felt that I wouldn’t be interested in anything they had to offer but I had already tried everything else and I couldn’t handle dealing with all the challenges I’d faced in the past. They were definitely a lot more confident in my ability to reach my goal weight than I was. It was their positivity that sold me. I wanted to feel good and look good.

When I walk in for each appointment, I’m greeted by everyone, everyone offers support, compliments me on my success, offers food suggestions that actually taste good, and gives me solutions that are simple and effective. Nothing about this program is complicated. Most importantly I’m consistently learning new things about how my body works. The education piece has been key in ensuring that I know how to maintain my weight. I am now smaller than I have been since having my first kid 18 years ago. I unexpectedly get compliments about how young I look, even more so than my 60 pounds weight loss.

So, I got exactly what I wanted. But I also got something amazing that I didn’t plan on. By taking care of myself, I inadvertently took better care of my son. After each appointment, my son would ask me question after question about what I was doing, and I eventually asked him if he’d like to go in for an appointment of his own. My son has improved his health and by improving his health, he’s changed his life.

He has always been a quiet kid, kind of shy and hiding in his room. But in the course of two months, he has become very outgoing, more social and confident. I never thought I would share a weight loss journey with my son, but this has brought me so much happiness. It’s like that final thing I am doing to prepare him to go out on his own as an adult, and there is absolutely nothing else that I could want more.

Vicki has lost 60 lbs and counting! Her son Lui has lost 66 lbs and counting!