OPTIFAST® — The Serious Solution for Weight Loss

A comprehensive, medical weight loss program, OPTIFAST® is clinically proven to help people achieve long-term weight management. The OPTIFAST® plan breaks your total daily calories into 5-6 meals, spaced evenly throughout your day. There are numerous benefits to this approach, since appetite is easier to control and blood sugar remains stable.

A lower average calorie count and time saved in meal preparation are just two of the benefits of a plan that uses portion-sized, individually packaged nutritionally balanced foods. Because of this, patients on the OPTIFAST® plan tend to lose weight faster than those on other plans; OPTIFAST® patients lost an average of 52 pounds in 22 weeks in a clinical trial.

Benefits of the OPTIFAST Plan

  • Maintain very low in calorie intake while providing complete nutrition.
  • Calorie intake is tightly controlled and the pace of weight loss is remarkable–most patients achieve a loss of 10% of their starting weight within 6 weeks.
  • Simple, uncomplicated approach makes your plan more manageable–no need for grocery shopping, meal planning, and food preparation, cooking or cleaning up after meals.
  • After a period of time on full OPTIFAST® formula, table food will be gradually reintroduced while we work on the eating and activity habits that will produce continued success.

Patients choosing this diet are highly motivated, often lead very busy lives which complicate meal planning, and are willing to forego table food for a short period of time in order to jump start their weight loss.

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