Start losing weight now with help from our team!


Start losing weight now with help from our team!

You are 100% capable of changing your life. We can help.

Alaska Premier Health helps you take control of your health by identifying goals, crafting a plan, and providing the right support to achieve success. We’re different from other weight loss options in several important ways:

  • Our plans are 100% medically supervised and physician-approved.
  • Insurance covers the majority of costs for many patients.
  • No gimmicks. We help regular people achieve real, lasting results.

We’re not like anything you’ve tried before. Our approach has garnered a 92% approval rating from our diverse field of patients, making us Alaska’s #1 choice for weight loss for over 25 years!

Tailored Plans

Your success begins with a balanced plan geared specifically to your needs.

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Real Results

It’s not magic. It’s not a fad. It’s people like you, doing what it takes to be healthy.

Real Success Stories

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Real Success Stories

Kitty’s Amazing Results

0 lbs Lost!
Kitty exceeded her weight loss goal by 23 lbs!

Jamin’s Transformation

0 lbs Lost!
Jamin lost 117 lbs in 13 months!

Sometimes the hardest part of making a big change is getting motivated to start. Explore these seriously inspiring stories from real patients to jump start your weight loss journey.

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Weight Loss

Become your own success story. Our physician-guided weight loss programs help you pick a customized plan and start seeing results in just weeks.

Primary Care

We can also take care of your primary care needs. Whether it’s an annual check-up/physical or a non-urgent illness, we’ve got you covered. Call 907-561-3488 to learn more.

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