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Do you have a maintenance program?2018-06-04T13:40:09-08:00

All of our programs are focused on long-term weight loss management. Patients who are successful at long-term weight management have embraced the behavioral changes necessary and are vigilant about monitoring their diet and activity levels. As we age, this becomes even more important. Your provider will help you set up monitoring goals and is available to you for ongoing support.

Patients often run into challenging times in their lives when weight management becomes secondary to other challenges. We understand this and are ready to help you get back on track. Some weight regain is not unusual but definitely not inevitable. Accepting that there may be times you need a reboot is a healthy reminder that weight loss and management is a journey.

How fast will I lose my excess weight?2018-06-04T13:41:15-08:00
Our patients lose an average of 10% of their start weight in the first 6 to 8 weeks. Ongoing weight loss is highly dependent upon an individuals age, gender, activity level and compliance with their meal plans.
I am a diabetic and have high blood pressure. Can I be on one of your programs?2018-04-20T15:41:15-08:00
Many of our patients have existing health conditions (diabetes, hypertension, gout, arthritis, etc…) that are related to their weight. These conditions almost always improve with reduction in weight and improved diet and activity. At your request, we will work closely with your primary care provider to improve your long term health. If you do not have a primary care provider, we will gladly take on that role for you.
What medications do you prescribe?2018-04-20T15:40:40-08:00
We prescribe only the safest, most effective medications, which help control appetite while you are working to achieve your weight goals. Read more on our Medications page.
I only need to lose 20 lbs. Can I still be on one of your programs?2018-04-20T15:40:02-08:00
Yes. We have a program that is specific to patients with a BMI of 22-27. To calculate your BMI, visit our Resources page where you can find a BMI chart.
Will you file my insurance for me?2018-04-20T15:37:57-08:00
If it has been confirmed that your insurance provides coverage for our services, we will file your insurance claim. You are responsible for any deductibles, copays and amounts not covered by your policy.
Which insurance plans are currently providing coverage?2023-03-05T12:58:08-09:00
This question is a moving target. It really depends on where you work and what benefit components are included in the insurance coverage purchased. As of 2023, Federal Blue Cross, ASEA – Local 52, IBEW, NEA/Public Education Trust, Premera (select groups), Aetna (select groups), United Healthcare (select groups), CIGNA (select groups), Meritain (select groups), and others HAVE provided coverage. Not all employers who provide insurance include obesity as a covered diagnosis. It is important to note that benefit quotes are NOT a guarantee of coverage! Download our helpful guide to determining your insurance coverage.
How much do the programs cost?2019-04-11T07:52:50-08:00
Costs are based on the depth of medical diagnostic tests required, the health status of each patient and program selected. Diagnostic tests are usually done in our clinic and billed to your insurance along with the office visit fee for your visit with the medical provider. Your first visit is an extended office visit (45 minutes or more) and subsequent visits are usually shorter (15- 30 minutes). The length and complexity of each visit is specific to each patient and therefore costs vary. Any meal replacements or prescription medication is additional. To determine your exact cost requires information as to your insurance coverage and individualized weight loss plan. If you do not have insurance coverage, we will discount your diagnostic and office visit charges. We will gladly provide you with a detailed cost estimate once we have all the necessary information.
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