Written by Fabian

My weight loss journey has been one I can describe as a 15-year roller coaster. I struggled with weight and my image all my life. I am a native of the beautiful beaches of Florida, but realized moving here to “The Last Frontier” was a chance for a new beginning. I needed to take hold on a struggle I’ve been battling most of my life. I felt fat, I was depressed; I would isolate myself away from friends, and the public because I was afraid of how people
would judge me.

Alaska Premier Health has been the best choice I’ve ever made. I am now able to go out and take morning walk for miles without being tired. My sleeping has improved. I am grateful for my experience with the wonderful staff here at APH, from the front desk staff to the doctor’s, everything is professional, and you know you’re truly being taken care of!

Fabian has lost 50 lbs and counting!