Written by Diana

I started this journey as a way to lose weight, and it has become so much more. I’ve been able to retrain my brain, make better choices, be more aware of my habits, and learn how my body responds to different foods.

I started the QuickStart plan not only to lose weight but roll into my 50th birthday a healthier individual. I turn 50 in March and will have exceeded all goals and expectations I had for myself, and thank Alaska Premier Health for the guidance and support along the way.

What started as a goal of weight loss and health has turned into a life-changing experience. I’m learning new habits, addressing my food triggers, and filling my toolbox with the things I need to maintain this lifestyle indefinitely. I still have 9 pounds to lose to hit my goal, but here is to rolling into my 50th year 50 pounds lighter! APH will make sure that happens and we can all celebrate together! This will be the last time I’m trying to lose weight, period!

Diana has lost 41 lbs and counting