No one has time to exercise. Family, work, friendships, keeping the house from falling into utter ruin—how is anyone supposed to squeeze in a workout? It’s true that these things are all-consuming, but there’s one thing you must prioritize above the rest: your health.

Of course, eating well and getting enough sleep are critical to health. Exercise, though, is the key to success. You can work 60 hours a week and run yourself into the ground—hoping for that eventual promotion—or you can work 40-50 hours week, set aside daily time for physical activity, and live a healthier, well-rounded life.

Ask any successful entrepreneur and they’ll probably tell you that exercise plays an essential role in their routine. It’s not about losing weight or having sculpted buttocks—it’s about all the other benefits that working out provides, including:

● Mental clarity
● Reduced stress
● Increase energy
● Better sleep
● More self-confidence
● Improved mood

These positive side effects will make you better at handling everything else in life. Chances are, you’ll even perform better at your job! (Maybe work less and get promoted sooner? It happens!)

But how about those of us who aren’t entrepreneurs, you may be wondering? What if you have an old-school boss watching you like a hawk, or you’re paid hourly and have to clock in and out?

If your job is anything but flexible, it may take a little extra finagling to squeeze in daily exercise. Try one of these tactics:

1. Ask!

It never hurts to see what the boss says. Explain the argument for you + exercise = more productivity (but fewer hours). See if you can at least get a trial period, where you adjust your timing to accommodate a workout but promise to complete your projects nonetheless.

2. Use your breaks.

If adjusting your hours doesn’t fly, or if you’re on an hourly wage, take advantage of your legally mandated breaks. Use your lunchtime for a 30-45 min workout and eat a protein bar to hold you over until dinner. A power walk and a few plank poses will go a long way.

3. Look into a standing desk and a floor treadmill.

It’s possible your company will foot the bill, but also very possible that they won’t. If you can save up the cash, then it’s a worthy investment to get in low-impact exercise while you work.

4. Combine family time and workout time.

If all else fails, find fun physical activities that you can enjoy with your family or partner. Soccer, tennis, sledding, exercise-focused video games…the list goes on! Make it part of every evening after dinner.

You don’t have to choose just one—all of the options above can be combined. And if your job is really so rigid that you must work crazy hours to keep your role, then it’s probably time to shop around for a new one. Career is important, but it’s NOT as important as your health and wellness.

What’s stopping you? You can start adding exercise to your daily routine now! In fact…DROP AND GIVE ME 20. (Kidding! ?)