Don’t focus on obstacles. When contemplating becoming more active, we often think of reasons that we couldn’t possibly start today. I’ll start when the kids are out of school. I’ll start when soccer season is over. I’ll get more active when I finish my project at work. I’m just too busy to fit it in right now. My knees hurt so I can’t run. When we focus on the obstacles in our life, they can become all that we see.

Do focus on possibilities. When we commit to becoming more active we are able to see the possibilities in front of us. Take the kids on a bike ride after school. Walk laps around the soccer field during practice. Use a pedometer or activity monitor such as a Fitbit and set reasonable step goals to accomplish during the day. Swim, walk in the pool, bike or use the elliptical trainer instead of running.

Start now. Get started today, not tomorrow, Monday or the first of the month. Assert your control over the minutes, hours and days of your life. There will always be reasons to postpone, delay or wait. Choose to do what you can with what you have when you have it. If you wait for the day when you have no obstacles in your life you will never start. Carpe Diem, seize the day, it is already yours.

Maintain momentum. Once you start a new exercise routine, continue to do something regularly. If you usually exercise outside, but it’s raining, do floor exercises, exercise to a video, or dance to your favorite band instead. Continue to do something regularly to maintain your routine. Any something is better than nothing plus good intentions. Never default to doing nothing. What you do matters much less than doing some something regularly.

Today is the perfect day.

H. Allen Chapman, PA-C
Physician Assistant – Certified
Alaska Premier Health