September has a way of sneaking into our Alaskan “healthy summer” and reminding us that these sunny, long days won’t last forever. But don’t let the future of fall and the inevitability of winter deter you from tackling one or two last-minute tasks. In fact, by setting achievable goals and completing them, you’re boosting both your physical and mental health.

What better way to welcome fall than by using September as a month to focus on a few new objectives, and accomplish those things before the snow flies? Here are five suggestions from our team — but we want to hear about any goals you’re working on crushing too! 

1. Knock out one more outdoor adventure. Between work, family, and whatever else piles up on your plate, it can be easy to let your own agenda fall to the back burner. But now is the perfect time to reassess, prioritize, and push yourself to complete one more summertime activity. Are you a hiker who’s been eyeing Flattop or Eagle and Symphony lakes since June? Or a biker that wants to explore new trails? Whatever your favorite summertime outdoor hobby is, give your passion a perfect send-off before summer’s end.

2. Take a (safe) stroll with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Summertime means no school, but lots of out-of-town visitors and never-ending plans. All of that can add up to scheduling nightmares. It’s easy to let a month pass without spending some much-needed time with friends, so plan a socially distanced walk with some pals and catch up before the craziness of the holiday season takes over.

3. Organize your space. Messy closets, disorganized garages, hap-hazard offices, and bedrooms that turn into a ‘catch all’ while you’re rushing around are certainly part of the Alaskan summer experience. But by cleaning and freshening up these spaces now, you’ll set yourself up for a smoother transition into winter. Make a list of a few indoor tasks that need handling, and start sooner rather than later. This way, you won’t end up organizing your garage while the temperature drops into single digits.

4. Prioritize your health and wellness goals, then make a plan. Don’t be hard on yourself if those camping trips and fishing expeditions led to quick, on-the-go convenience store snacks and a workout schedule that became hard to maintain. We all know how challenging it is to keep a consistent routine while chasing down every warm, sunny day. But as fall looms over us, it’s a great time to refocus your goals. Get your nutrition and exercise back on track by making a plan and a schedule, then stick to it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’re here to guide you through the process.

5. Plan ahead, and save yourself future stress. Have you ever had a simple task turn into a monumental pain, which could have been avoided by just a little bit of future planning? We all know the snow will soon head our way (hello, termination dust), but you can get ahead of the game. Get a jump start on winter chores, like removing your garden hoses, so that you aren’t dealing with a mess of frozen pipes down the road. Or consider scheduling your tire change-over for a future date so that, when the snow hits, you won’t be stuck trying to find a last-minute appointment or waiting in line for hours on end. 

Were you able to accomplish the majority of your summer plans, goals, and activities? As much as we all hate to see the season go, it can be refreshing to get back into a fall routine and evaluate your plans. Let’s use this fall and winter as a chance to focus on health and wellness, and open up the possibility of even more adventures next spring!