I started Optifast April 5, 2018. For four months I was on the full meal replacement plan, and I am currently doing the partial meal replacement plan.

Briefly, what brought me to Optifast is I wanted to “live and not die.” You hear the many horror stories of people retiring and then passing away due to health issues.

My husband and I have been planning for retirement in 2019. We want to relocate down south to be closer to our grandkids. In March of 2018, I received devastating news, after a yearly checkup, that my sugar and cholesterol levels were extremely high. Also, I was diagnosed as having metabolic syndrome; this is what brought me to the Optifast program.

Since I’ve been on the Optifast program, some of my accomplishments have been the ability to stick with the diet plan through church retreats/ fellowships, cooking meals for my husband and traveling out of state to visit family/grandkids. My most significant accomplishments are: I no longer have to take blood pressure medication, and all of my levels are back to normal (cholesterol and sugar). I no longer have metabolic syndrome! :o) Oh, yeah!

What I love about the Optifast program is:

1. It wasn’t hard. I never got hungry eating 800 calories a day!!!

2. I love how this program monitors your health on a weekly/biweekly basis. I love how they keep track of your electrolytes, blood pressure, heart, pulse, and make sure you are not holding fluid.

3.I also love the sessions/appointments. They are very informative and the tools I’ve gleaned concerning exercise, eating habits, etc. are priceless.

4.Exercise doesn’t have to be hard; it can be fun! Just merely walking during break or lunch at work is good. I learned I just need to keep moving. :O)


Written by Valerie D.