Everyone has that moment when they realize something needs to change. Mine was my first trip to New Orleans with my husband.

I had already mustered the courage to ask for a belt extension and cozied into the middle row seat. Then the flight attendant approached me and gave me a brochure “How to buy a second seat.” What started as the beginning to a new adventure quickly turned into the ultimately public humiliation, but it was also the start of my path to find the best me.

My Optifast journey started on January 25, 2018 when I went to my first weigh in. From that moment my commitment to see this new experience through was ignited. What started as complete ambivalence transformed into shock—I was thriving on only 960 calories a day!

Despite the calorie restriction, I had never felt better. This inspired me and pushed me to test my limits.

I committed to walking 15 minutes a day—rain, snow, or shine. Those 15 minutes turned into walking home from work. Then to a step goal of 5,000 steps a day. Just recently,I completed 18,036 steps, roughly 8 miles, in one day!

My achievements did not end there. I’m able to walk by snack bowls and leave empty handed. Eat a single plate of food, not super size my meal, and even climb a mountain. But the most rewarding moment was when I heard the “click” of an airline seat belt without the need of a belt extension.

My weight loss journey is just beginning and everyone loves a great sequel.


Written by Nathan A.