Hello! Welcome you to the world of Megan—a 26 year old social butterfly that loves fashion, hair, and food.

I lost my mother to MS at a young age and my grandmother stepped up as my female role model. We lost her a few years ago [insert the weight gain here].

The battle with my weight was a life long challenge. Struggling with her loss, the weight gain became a slippery slope of despair. My work suffered. As an educator to young aspiring stylists, I am on my feet all day and my energy levels were so low it was hard to keep up with my fast paced life. The person in the mirror no longer reflected the vivacious and infectiously energetic/upbeat person I once was. It was time I explored my options for change.

I then was introduced to the Optifast system at Alaska Premier Health, which became a pivotal point in my journey. Now I had the tools for the ambitious goals I had. I set out on my fitness quest, shake in hand and determination in my soul, never suspecting that in under half a year I would find myself a completely different person than I started the year.

My end goals within an obtainable distance with a manageable regiment. Each day I feel a little freer, unencumbered as I run about with my nieces/nephews, or wearing my broad smile as I spin effortlessly from one end of the salon to the other helping my students.

The OPTIFAST system has been easy to integrate into my day to day life and has brought about such great reward in my mission to reclaim my body and to put the best version of myself out into the universe.


Written by Megan R.