The scale read 316 pounds at Alaska Premier Health, two days after my 41 birthday. I’d been here before. Just four short years ago I’d neared my weight loss goals and was well on my way to a new me. All that progress was derailed when my wife received her cancer diagnosis. I put my health goals aside and shifted my focus to her health and wellbeing.

Unfortunately, that focus included cooking. A LOT of cooking. All the weight I’d lost quickly came back, and it brought a few extra pounds. I weighed more than I ever had before. It hurt to bend over to tie my shoes. My knees ached. I was VERY aware of my size and what that was doing to my health. I realized that I needed to make some drastic changes or face the consequences.

Since that fateful day in January, I’ve lost nearly 100 lbs and I’ve never felt better. Along with the diet, my exercise level has increased to resemble the activities I did when I was a US Marine. I am running multiple times a week, participating in group exercise activities and I am encouraging those that resemble my “old self” to stick with the program, that the body they want is there—we just have to find it.

This coming Sunday I will be running in a half marathon; a ridiculous thought back in January. I can remember clicking through article after article and reading about the couples that have lost weight together and feeling jealous of their success. I now realize that my wife and I are that couple. Combined, we have lost over 150 lbs and have completely changed our outlook on life. Weight loss isn’t easy, nor any fun. But it does feel good.


Written by Clinton J.