“I only regret that I have but one life
to lose for my country.”

Nathan Hale, 1776

Spoken almost 250 years ago by a patriot in the fight for freedom, the fact is still true and remains, we all have but One Life. How will you live it? Let it not be in regret! What is the past is part of you but it does not define who you can be.

We here at Alaska Premier Health ride on wings of our patients’ journeys and successes. Every single day we hear stories of achievements, of small and large leaps of joy, of trial by determination and yes, struggles and hurts. It is in this honored and trusted role of caregivers and coaches that we have found our passion. We have learned what matters.

What matters is the human connection. What matters is feeling worthy of help. What matters is having the door opened to your potential and being invited to chase it down. What matters to you is what matters to us. One Life. You are what matters.