As a little kid way back when, we let our imaginations run wild as we read those thin, ten cent comic books, filled with the adventures of Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and a bunch of other awesome and powerful Super Heroes. Our little kid brains had us pinning on towels and jumping off ledges, racing around in our copycat “save the world” fantasies. Fast forward to today and Super Heroes are more popular than ever. The common theme is good vs. evil. The Hero is up against formidable odds, fighting off all kinds of impossible threats by using his or her Super Powers. The world is saved because the Heroes know they have a special power and that they are in control of that power.

Back to reality yet thinking about those Super Heroes, we all have super powers of the mortal kind. I just don’t think most of us know that or use them. Ordinary humans have incredible capacity for creating, doing and achieving. Tapping into this power takes the belief that you have it and that You Can Do It. It comes down to a choice to believe it and pursue it with laser, Super Hero focus. To do that means you have to decide what it is you want to apply your powers to. Maybe it’s a physical improvement. Maybe it’s a social outreach. Maybe it’s mind and heart development. Whatever that goal is, you have the power to achieve it. It’s not going to happen by wishing. You must purposefully and consciously apply your power to that thing you want to do. And you have to continually recharge your source of power to keep the momentum going.

How do you begin to use your super powers? First and foremost is to do what the “real” Super Heroes do – they ignore distractions and filter input. For us mortals, that means making a huge effort to decrease the nonstop barrage of information piling into our brains via the internet, media, TV, phones etc. Just stop it! Cut it back. Unplug it. Ignore it. Give your brain a rest from the constant assault and you will find energy to work on your personal power goals. If you can, go cold turkey. That may be scary to even consider, but remember, you ARE a Super Hero already. You have The Power that no one else has. It may be a tiny ember right now, but with a little charge, you can unleash your power. The more fuel (time and attention) you give that ember, the faster it will grow into the unstoppable power that YOU control. Do this now and you will be a real Super Hero. Unleash your power and find the sky is NOT the limit!